Solar Panels Do Work On Cloudy Days


Some critics of solar power say that solar panels (like GOAL ZERO NOMAD 13 ) don’t produce electricity on cloudy days. This claim is false. Solar panels can still can produce 10–25% of their typical output on a cloudy day. Obviously, this amount is much less than during periods of direct sunlight, but it is not nothing.

We may assume that solar panels thrive in hot, sunny weather, but too much heat can actually reduce solar panel output 10–25%. So, very hot weather isn’t the best conditionfor them. “The problem is, most solar panels’ power outputs start to degrade if the temperature of the panel goes over about 25°C. This is why, if you look at the specification label on a solar panel, most manufacturers quote the solar power output at a panel temperature of 25degC.”

This is why a solar power system might be more effective in San Francisco than in much hotter Las Vegas, even though Vegas has more sunny days. San Francisco is well known for its foggy days with cool weather, so it might be easy to assume that solar power wouldn’t do well there. However, rooftop solar power systems in San Francisco do function well. The amount of direct sunlight is reduced by fog and clouds, but solar panels function better at cooler temperatures, so the electricity output in San Francisco is still significant. Using a home solar power system there can save approximately $1,500 per year on utility bills, according to an analysis conducted by SolarCity.

You can also save $1,500 with solar power in Boston. Even though this city has such cold winters and cool temperatures in fall, solar power works well there and can considerably cut electricity bills.

One of the American cities with the most cloudy days is Seattle, but solar power is continuing to grow there as well. “Seattle is quickly becoming one of the best cities for solar in America thanks to Washington’s great payback incentive and net-metering policy as well as the city of Seattle’s growing market competition.”

Another one of the cloudiest cities, Portland, is also a leader among American cities in solar power — the 17th best US city in terms of solar capacity.

If you live in an area with cloudy, cool weather, you can still purchase and benefit from a solar power system, and don’t let any naysayers tell you otherwise. Sunshine is just part of the story. One major factor to consider if you are looking into buying a solar power system is the cost of electricity from your utility. If it is high or very high, of course, you may be motivated to find an alternative source of electricity, even if your region has cloudy days.

There are also two trends working in favor of solar power in cloudy places: One is that solar panels have gradually become more efficient, especially in cloudy locations. The other is that solar prices have decreased steadily, so it is more affordable to get a larger system for places with less direct sunlight.

Bissell’s new robot vacuum is a smart buy


Bissell, the 140-year-old company well known for its upright vacuums, has a new robot—and it’s an affordable alternative to competition from iRobot, Neato, and Dyson.

The Bissell SmartClean 1605 (MSRP $299) doesn’t just have a well-known name. It also has a bargain-basement price, and did quite well in our test labs. It has decent pickup, a well-designed dock, and a virtual wall to keep it from going where it shouldn’t. That last feature is rare on a sub-$300 robot vacuum, and it’s missing from the $199 Anker RoboVac.

A $220 retail price is exceptionally low, which does means that Bissell had to cut some corners: We found the controls hard to deal with, and its cleaning pattern was more haphazard than methodical. However, the SmartClean still picked up a decent amount of dirt. Nitpicks aside, it’s a good value—especially if you have rooms that you don’t want a robot to clean.

If you open the Bissell’s cardboard box and expect to see a sweeping beauty, you’ll be disappointed. For instance, removing protective coverings and advertising stickers left residue behind on the surface of the vacuum, and the lid to the dust bin never really clicked open or shut on the first try.

However, our biggest gripe is with the SmartClean’s user interface. Setting anything but the default 99-minute cleaning cycle is a huge pain. For instance, if you want the SmartClean to clean for an hour and return to the dock, you have to press the power button seven times. If you’re too fast, it won’t register your taps. If you’re too slow, the SmartClean will take off, leaving you in the dust.

On the accessories front, the SmartClean is a little more successful. For one thing, it has a virtual barrier—a rarity in the sub-$350 category—which runs off four AA batteries. Set it up, and it’ll keep the robot from passing by its invisible threshold.

The charging dock features a crisp LCD display which shows off the current time, and it also lets you schedule automatic cleanings. We recommend setting a schedule just so you don’t have to deal with the on-board interface.

In our labs, we believe that a robot vacuum can’t clean where it’s brushes haven’t been. In that regard, the Bissell SmartClean got in a lot of places, but not quickly. On a 30-minute cycle—the average amount of time it takes a robot vacuum to clean our obstacle course—the SmartClean picked up 5.5 grams of dirt. When we switched over to the 99-minute cycle, however, the dirt pickup doubled.

Interestingly, the SmartClean’s Auto pattern was very haphazard, swapping from a spiral to a Z-formation and then back again. Normally, we don’t give much credence to a robot vacuum’s dance moves, but this one missed more than a few swaths of the floor and carpets. In fact, this Bissell was unable to get atop our high-pile carpet at all.

The 3.4 inch tall robot was, however, able to go under plenty of obstacles. When cleaning in the kitchen or bathroom, toe kicks and countertops shouldn’t pose a problem. Unlike a few other cheap robot vacuums, this one never fell down the stairs.

A Clean Getaway

Robot vacuums (like iRobot Roomba 880 ) used to be a novel luxury, but the introduction of affordable models like the Bissell SmartClean 1605 might just bring them into the mainstream.

While you can get better cleaning from more high-end models, the SmartClean is more than adequate to help maintain the floors of a well-lived-in room. The inclusion of a virtual wall prevents the SmartClean from getting lost or wandering where it shouldn’t be, and its $220 sale price shouldn’t be a blow to your budget.

Primos Truthcam 60 Camera Review


When this all started and someone mentioned that Primos was getting into the scouting camera (like MOULTRIE M-999I MINI GAME CAMERA )business I was pleasantly surprised. Early this year when we still had those really nice cold nights and great spring days we received a big box of cameras, we were to do the pre release testing to aid in a smooth first year of sales. During this period the Catalogs came out and everyone began to see what was going to be available and the features along with prices. One of the guys said PRIMOS; I think this is going to stand for Primos Rips Into Moultries Overpriced Sales once he looked at the pricesThis is their top model and it is less than $180 and has a grab bag full of features. Resolutions go 2, 3.1, 5, and 7 MP and video settings at 640X480 in two settings of 15 and 30 seconds. The low rez 320X240 has three settings of 15, 30 and 60 seconds. This is great; the delay goes 5, 10, and 30 seconds 1, 30, and 60 minutes. I am starting to see that Moultrie comment may have a little weight. Big ole block letters on the box also says that the trigger time is 1.3 seconds which is very nice if the tests prove it to be true. The flash has a big count of 60 emitters and the program will allow you to turn either all on or reduce to 36 emitters when you do not need to see that far down range. This will help on battery life also. Missing is the USB out and TV out jacks so all data is transferred to your reading device by the SD card. Around back we have another surprise and that is a pipe through for the use of the trusty Python cable for security. The door has a small loop for a lock. At the bottom of the camera behind the door lip is a rubber plug that covers the SD card slot next to a 6 volt external battery port. This means the door has to be open to remove the SD card. The SD card size is up to 8 gigs maximum which is a plenty. Also on the back is four 14X20 threaded inserts that will accept the optional adjustable mounting bracket. The front of the camera has a giant big 60 count array at the top with a nice little roof. Just below that is the camera lens which also has a small roof. Centered on the camera is the PIR lens which has two status lamps, one on each side. A concentric PIR sensor lens is used rather than the multi zone so sensing is as tall as it is wide with this setup. Bottom front has the LCD window which also has a little roof. The whole front of the camera is camouflaged in what they call the Matrix pattern that is a early fall color and scheme. To get into this camera there is a door that covers the bottom half of the front and has only one latch with the lock loop built in to secure the door. There are strap loops located on the back to accept the supplied nylon mounting strap. There are raised points on each side to bite into the tree. With the door open you will see the battery compartments 2 D cells each side tube style with the LCD and programming/power switches between these tubes.

Four pre tested Ray O Vac D cells stuffed in the tubes following the polarity indicators brought this camera to life and ready to program. Programming was simple and easy and the booklet was written pretty well but they left out the Specification chart. During the programming the following areas are adjustable, Flash, sensing, burst, delay, and resolutions. After programmed it takes 30 seconds to arm and start taking pictures. Just hit the run button. To turn off hit the run button again until the LCD comes on then hit off. The two status lights on the front of the camera are very useful but also a problem. The red indicator tells you that the camera has detected movement and can be use to finalize aim and the green light tells you that a picture has been taken and it is being written to the card. These are useful items during setup but they need a small piece of black electrical tape over them when the camera is deployed to help hide the camera and lessen the spook factor. The big array is enough spook material for any one camera and the two flashing lights could draw attention towards the camera where they will pick up on the array going off.

I hit the small patch of woods and ran a couple quick walk tests to gather a couple sample pictures and then hit the dark room to do the same. All came out above average. The little small delay time makes doing testing so much easier and much more can be accomplished in a shorter period of time not having to wait for the clock to run to take that next picture. Not wanting to go much further until I knew that we had a trigger time to match the excellent delay times I stuck it on the bench and recorded a bunch of times that look to be just over a second. Now I know that opening comment not only will kick a little dust over in the Moultrie sales department it might cause a little vacuum cleaning exercises in other manufactures sales departments also. This is the first year but we know where these cameras came from so that company so far has a pretty good reputation as far as moving up in reliability year after year so because of what we know about their history these cameras should do just fine. The guarantee and how well they back their products has been proven for years with all their other products so we feel Primos will stand up and take care of any problems that may arise. I do feel very good and because of the few things we found during the pre release we think this camera will be much better after all the promised upgrades so I double checked and found to be corrected on the post release cameras.

06-13-2010 update: Again I will say that we have waded into a fair share of the 2010 Moultrie cams and one of the 2010 Stealth cams (which we didnt even bother to open a review on) and the features, function, and picture quality does not come up to what we found on this camera. Sensing was out to sixty feet on a very warm 85 degree evening. The flash range set on high (we will test the low setting later) was past 50 feet. The night IR pictures were surprisingly good and clear. The only bad thing we noted during these tests was a pretty good filter clunk.

07-11-2010 update: Being in the wild this last week we did not get a lot of pictures but what we did get (over 40) none were white outs. Battery life is still hanging in there at 70+% and it is still going. Being in a better lighted area has stopped the whiteout problem we had seen while we had it stuck under the heavy canopy. We will give this another week and see what else happens, as of now it is still running strong and doing a good job.

08-01-2010 update: Another week and few pictures but still no whiteouts. Batteries finally gave up and we got a total of 483 pictures and 84 videos for a run of 37 days. We have a new set of cells in it again and will give it another chance to see how long it will last.

08-14-2010 update: This camera has given us a lot of pleasure during the tests. It has been a long ride through the pre production and on after the production cameras made it out. Other than wanting to give us some white out pictures under heavy canopy this camera has done well and the thump issue got a little factory attention so that is not much of a problem any more. We are going to close this review for not and start on the Truth X cam which has been long waiting for its turn in the arena.

08-29-2010 update: The field tests are still on going and should be closed this week. We had planned on getting the final results last week but the load has been high. Pending is a second battery life test which we will post when complete..



LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro

  • Capacity — 3,000mAh
  • Outputs — 2 ports (3A)
  • Weight — 107.5g (3.08oz)
  • Price – $70
  • Time to fully charge — 1.5 to 3 hours

This incredibly small, stylish portable charger (like SUNJACK HEAT BANK )is the second release from LinearFlux. It looks gorgeous, with angular black plastic, framing a metal panel in gold, silver, or titanium. It’s only 89 x 58 x 14 mm in size, which makes it seriously portable. It’s also very fast-charging, if your device supports it, offering up to 3A output. You can charge two devices at once and HyperFET circuitry inside automatically decides which device needs more current, with an overall limit of 3A. It comes with built-in cables, a full-sized USB can be pulled out one side to charge up the Lithium Card Pro, and on the other side you’ll find a pull-out microUSB or Lightning cable, depending on what you chose. There’s an extra USB output on the bottom, and a microUSB input with a small power button up top.

A thin strip beneath the central logo comes to life as a white light when the power is turned on. It flashes when charging is in progress, turns blue when it drops below 90 percent, and then red below 10 percent. The Lithium Card Pro can also serve as a syncing cable to backup data when plugged into a computer or laptop, and it will charge itself and your phone simultaneously. You can expect at least one full charge for your phone, and this will happily charge other devices, including the Apple Watch. You can also find the original, more basic Lithium Card for $40 on Amazon.

Bestek Car Jump Starter

  • Capacity – 10,000mAh
  • Outputs – 3 ports (600A vehicle starter, 2 USB up to 2.4A)
  • Price – $50
  • Time to fully charge — 3 hours

This is something a little different. It doesn’t just charge smartphones and tablets from the two USB ports (rated at up to 2.4A with a limit of 4.2A between them). This charger also features a 600A outlet and jumper cables to get your car started when you have a dead battery. It’s also outfitted with four LED indicators, so you have an idea how much juice is left, as well as a built-in flashlight with an SOS mode for signaling others when you break down.

Furthermore, the entire package comes in a handy bag that includes a power adapter, a car charger, a USB cable with various connectors, and jumper cables. There’s also a full set of instructions with clear labels. The stated capacity is definitely optimistic, but you’ll still get about two or three charges for an average smartphone. It works pretty good as a jump starter and flashlight, though, there are better options if you’re looking for something purely for charging your devices.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable Charger

  • Capacity – 10,000mAh
  • Outputs – 2 ports (2.1A and 1A)
  • Weight – 258g (9.12oz)
  • Price – $16+
  • Time to fully charge — 5 to 6 hours

The Pilot’s heavily-discounted price is nothing short of attractive. It offers two USB ports, a blue 2.1A port and a 1A port, allowing you to simultaneously charge two devices. It also showcases an aluminum body that’s currently available in three colors, along with a more expensive version featuring plastic covers available barrage of other colors. It’s fairly lightweight, too, and will fit in most pockets.

The Pilot charges via Micro USB using the supplied cable, allowing you charge your iPhone roughly three times, or twice if using an Android phone lined with a big battery (i.e. the Galaxy S5). You’ll also the find the familiar, four LED indicator system that lets you know the device’s remaining power at a glance. Simply tap the button to illuminate them.

Remote camera


A remote camera is a camera placed by a photographer in areas where the photographer generally cannot be or for selfies. This includes areas with limited access, tight spaces where a person is not allowed, or just another angle so that the photographer can simultaneously take pictures of the same moment from different locations.Remote cameras are most widely used in sports photography. 35mm digital or film, and medium format cameras are the most common types of cameras that are used.

One type of remote camera is the game camera, Moultrie company produced one of the best game camera MOULTRIE M-40 GAME CAMERA which has the fastest trigger speed

Necessary items

The general list of items that are necessary to set up and use a remote camera are:

  1. A robust camera with automatic film advance or motor drive
  2. Mounting hardware
  3. Safety cables
  4. Triggering units and cables
  5. Gaffer tape & black wrap



Remote cameras placed in suspended positions usually are mounted with clamps and arms such as the Bogen Super Clamp and Variable Friction Arm, often referred to as “Magic Arms”. The camera and lens are connected to the variable friction arm which is attached to the Super Clamp which in turn is secured to a fixed item such as a basketball post, hand railing, or rafter. Ground plates or tripods are typically used for remote cameras placed on the ground.


Remote cameras can be fired via hand triggers, sound triggers, radio transmitters (mainly Bluetooth shutters), or the self-timer built into the camera.

For remotes that are in close proximity to the photographer, hand or sound triggers can be used.

A hand trigger consists of a button or switch that is connected to the camera via a wire that is set to fire the camera’s shutter.

For remotes that are placed away from the photographer, radio triggering systems such as Bluetooth shutter button, Pocket Wizards or Flash Wizards are used. A radio trigger consists of a button or switch that is connected to a radio triggering transmitter or transceiver which is set to fire a radio triggering receiver or transceiver that is connected to the camera via a wire that is set to fire the camera’s shutter.

For rocket launches, including the Space Shuttle, remote cameras are triggered by the sound of the launch.


The number one priority with remotes should be safety for other people during the shoot. Steel safety cables should be used to secure each part of the remote camera to a secure fixture. Safety cables are made of braided steel cord with steel carabiners on each end. Also security boxes should be used to protect the remote camera from harm. Security boxes are made of heavy duty steel and are powder coated for durability. These boxes also typically come with locking channels to defend against theft.

Supervised Services for Children



In the last handful of years, the escalation in the interest in more child-care facilities has exploded somewhat due to the increase in the quantity of households where both parents perform full-time careers in addition to the quantity of operating individual moms in culture. The amount of child-care or day-care facilities has become tremendously as many people are making their present professions to be able to money in with this chance. Sadly, it’s not all one of these simple amenities offers the greatest amenities for the kid.

Keep in mind that your decision you create when choosing a child care center, not just influences your youngster, it’ll affect you as well within the long term. Here are a few recommendations for just how to select your youngster’s second house, specifically the child care heart you register them in:

Consult with a child-care recommendation or resource center – your absolute best guess would be to obtain a report on treatment facilities from these businesses in the place of taking a look at advertisements within the paper or the local place phonebook. Never consider anybody term with this issue before you did some significant study.

Create a listing of child-care services and visit all of them – create a listing of 5 or 6 of those amenities after which visit every one of them. Talk to the representative plus some of the academics to discover the next:

E certification and certification qualifications/info
o how clear the service is
E just how many people are utilized in the child care center
E the type of food that’s being offered towards the kids
E a number of kids which are signed up for each service

Browse the skills of the personnel – they must have encountered appropriate testing before these were employed. Furthermore, you need to ask about when they have encountered background investigations and fingerprinting. Request it the personnel have they been correctly informed in child-care of course if they’ve been trained just how to perform CPR. Keep in mind that the greater treatment facilities need that their employee’s people attend courses and therefore are constantly updated concerning the company itself and enhancing their abilities.

Spend time for some time and do some watching – do not simply enter the Supervised Visitation Services Everett and walk-around for some moments before departing and moving forward to another one when you’re studying these treatment facilities. You wish to hang in there long enough so you may observe the personnel connect to the kids to see when the service encourages most of the same ideals you demand upon in your house. Should you observe additional parents in the service, keep in touch with them and learn how they experience it.

Do some extra study – in conclusion, should you simply keep in touch with the representative or operator plus some of the personnel, you’ll possibly just notice good remarks concerning the service. It’s also wise to ask together with your neighborhood Division of Health Insurance And Human Services and Supervised Visitation Services regarding each service in your listing. Discover when the treatment center is in excellent position locally.

Fore more information use Google or any other search engine system as it will be easier to find a solution to the problem if you try to do a little research by yourself.Keep asking the questions until you get the right answer and from there you can find a better way to close the deal.

Watch History Over Time

Used Pulsar Watches

A U.S. watch brand created in New York in the year 1972, Pulsar has carved itself a prime place in the international watch industry. The first-ever Pulsar watch was promoted by the Hamilton Watch Company in the spring of 1972 for $2100, and since that time, there’s been no looking back for this star. The prevalence of Pulsar watches has over the years grown significantly, and this resulted in the takeover of Pulsar from the U.S.-based Seiko Watch Corporation in the year 1979.

The swinging 70’s were the years of making dreams come true. Nearly every day brought with it new progress in the areas of science and technology, as well as the world of electronic equipment,  had not been left behind. Pulsar watches were born in such dynamic times and so are really representative of the improvements. Actually, the planet ‘s first-ever electronic digital watch was made by the Hamilton Watch Company in conjunction with Electro/Data, Inc. under the brand name Pulsar.

Pulsar watches are known not only for his or her advanced design and technology but also for his or her dependability and endurance. Since its beginning, Pulsar has kept its quality, its drive for innovation, and its own technological expertise. This commitment to supplying just the very best to its clients and that too at reasonable costs keeps Pulsar on top of the watch business. Every timepiece made under this particular brand name makes a strong fashion statement due to the exceptional and fashionable layout and cutting edge technology.

Named following a star, used Pulsar watches have for ages been a tiny novelty-be it in the 1970s or now in the twenty-first century. Now, Pulsar makes some of typically the most popular, daring, and trendy timepieces accessible the marketplace. The dazzling selection of watches produced underneath the brand name Pulsar contains watches for both women and men of all age groups. Therefore, whether you would like an easy watch or a fancy digital one, a gold plated timepiece or a watch with Swarovski crystals embedded inside it, you’ll without a doubt find your fantasy watch in the Pulsar variety of watches. Additionally, the brand of Seiko, among the planet ‘s top watch makers, just adds more charm to Pulsar watches in the world market.

his is why everyone should be careful about making this decision otherwise one can be easily mistaken and make the mistake over and over again. For more information use Google or any other search engine system as it will be easier to find a solution to the problem if you try to do a little research by yourself sometimes.

A few of the all time favorite ranges of Pulsar watches are the Pulsar Chronograph, Diving, Kinetic, Gold Tone, Nightfall, Pocket, Strap, Titanium, and Wired. The brand’s Sport and Apparel watches can be found with gold, leather, stainless steel, and titanium watch bands. Further, a few of typically the most popular Pulsar watches of all time would be the Titanium White Dial Bracelet as well as the Black Bracelet Chronograph for guys as well as the Stone Set Rose Gold Plated Bracelet for girls.

An actual representation of the brand’s tagline “Where Material matches Fashion,” Pulsar watches undoubtedly enhance the wearer’s character and up the glam quotient. A great combination of the classic as well as the modern, these watches really are a must have, and after you have experienced a Pulsar, you may surely not settle for anything but a star!

Log Cabin Quilt Designs


All of the Log Cabin quilt designs shown below start with a basic log cabin block, half dark fabrics and half light, pieced around a center square.

To create the different layout designs, simply flip and rotate the blocks to change the placement of the color values.

Any quilt pattern constructed with half square triangles can be recreated with Log Cabin blocks.

It’s a great beginner quilt pattern. All the block(s) use just strips subcut into rectangles and squares—no bias edges to contend with—so enjoy creating your very own Log Cabin.

Small towns offer big adventures on Prince Edward Island


The best way to experience PEI is to live it like the locals, through the charm, beauty, and intimacy of the small towns and close-knit neighborhoods.

North Rustico

If you’re visiting in the summer, don’t miss North Rustico, a harborside town located 20 miles north of Charlottetown in the Green Gables Shore Touring Region. Known as “The Crick,” by locals, it is the heart of Prince Edward Island’s rich fishing culture. Enjoy freshly caught lobsters at Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Supper, Restaurant, and Gift Shop, or head out on the harbor with any of the deep-sea fishing outfits based there. If you’re hungry for some beach time, North Rustico is adjacent to the sprawling Prince Island National Park, which is filled with sandy beaches, dunes, and wetlands. North Rustico is also just six minutes from Cavendish, which offers shopping, restaurants and other attractions.

Murray River

In the southeast corner of Prince Edward Island sits Murray River, with its rich history of shipbuilding. You can see it by walking or driving along Riverside Drive and park. Take a boat tour on the river, watch for seals, and learn about the mussel industry that thrives there. Enjoy McLure’s Dam and old grist mill, or take a seaplane tour to see the island by air. Attend a ceilidh in the historic Murray River Hall to soak up some folk music. Explore the Beck Trail, a 10-kilometer multipurpose trail for cyclists, walkers, hikers, dog walkers, and snowshoers, that runs through the John J. and Annie Beck Natural Area, which is open for public use year round.


Located on the eastern end of Prince Edward Island, along the Points East Coastal Drive,  the seaside town of Souris is known for its sandy beaches, rolling green hills, and impressive views. It is the center of farming and fishing in the region. The Basin Head Fisheries Museum showcases the history of the area. At a variety of shops in town you can find handmade quilts for sale and sweaters, locally-made preserves, and works by local artisans.

Souris is a wonderful place to indulge in freshly-caught seafood — oysters, lobster, scallops, haddock. You can also catch a ferry from Souris to Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine, an archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence that is part of Quebec. Visit Basin Head Beach or Souris Beach to swim or hunt for sea glass that will look beautiful back on your mantle at home.


Located on the southwest side of PEI, Victoria-by-the-Sea, halfway between Charlottetown and Summerside, became a center of tourism and trade, afforded by its sheltered harbor. Today, it has a year-round population of less than 200 residents. You can learn about the area’s history at the Victoria Seaport Museum, which is located in Palmer’s Range Light. Stroll the tree-lined streets that were laid out in the 1860s, dine in a sea captain’s house or attend a play in The Victoria Playhouse, PEI’s Longest Running Little Theatre, in the historic Victoria Community Hall. The Playhouse has been featured in The New York Times, and is a favorite entertainment spot for islanders and visitors. An annual summer at the Victoria Playhouse Festival features comedy, drama, concerts and storytelling events. The protected waters of the Northumberland Strait make this a popular area for paddling. By the Sea Kayaking offers tours and rentals, as well as a Clam Digging Experience.

The 5 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eyes on for 2017


As we’ve seen repeatedly this year, it’s always hard to predict the future. But companies try every year, from budget projections to planning marketing strategies. Though we’d all like to be clairvoyant enough to know what the next best thing will be, it’s incredibly hard to accurately predict new trends well enough to get a jump on the competition. There are, however, trends that we can assume will continue over the next year.

Here’s our pick for trends to keep an eye on for the upcoming year.

1. Detailed content.

Content marketing has been adapting and growing over the last 10 years.  In the past year, we have seen a particularly large leap forward in detailed content. It’s no longer enough to have strong keywords, links, and good meta tags. Your content needs to be relevant and interesting enough for people to read more than the first paragraph. With so much content out there, every piece needs to reach exactly the audience looking for it. Otherwise, it simply gets lost in the noise of other content.

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